About Horton Group

HORTON Group, with more than 25 years experience in Metallurgy field, is dedicated to supplying top quality products in the Steel and Foundry Industry. Horton could provide quality products, expert technical support and high level of service for the customers worldwide. HORTON offers solution service for steel and Metallurgy industry.
MgO-Al2O3-C Series Refractories

Using top quality bauxite or corundum as aggregates, phenolic resin as binding agent and emphasizing matrix, Horton series of Al2O3-MgO -C bricks are offered in a range of MgO contents. They can be applied for ladle wall, bottom and other parts, showing the features of good corrosion resistance and spalling resistance as well as high strength etc.

Using high purity spinel and corundum as main raw materials, with the help of special additive, Horton developed series of MgO spinel bricks for carbon-free ladles, which can reduce the contamination of molten steel during smelting of clean steel grades. So far they have been proven reliable performances in decades of operations in large or middle-sized ladles worldwide.

  Al2O3-MgO-C Al2O3-MgO-C Al2O3-MgO
Brand HMAC-60 HMAC-70 HMAC-74 HAMC-65 HAMC-70 HSM
MgO % Min. 55 68 71 10 10 5
Al2O3 % Min. 23 8 6 65 68 88
C % Min. 8 10 10 7 7 1.5
Bulk Density g/cm3 Min. 3.00 2.90 3.00 3.00 3.05 3.2
Apparent Porosity % Max. 6 5 5 8 8 6
Cold Crushing Strength MPa Min. 30 35 40 40 45 75